50 phrases of Concepción Arenal

50 phrases of Concepción Arenal

Arenal Conception (1820 - 1893) was one of the most important feminist writers of the nineteenth century, a strong defender of women's rights, but also of men who were prisoners in prisons. She worked as a prison officer and journalist. With his writings and his acts he denounced the precarious conditions in which the health houses were, as well as the begging and the rights of women in the 19th century.

He dressed in men's clothing to attend university classes and participate in political and literary gatherings, contributing his liberal and progressive ideas in the colloquiums.

She was a very advanced woman for her time, standing as the protector of the weakest and women without rights. He published his first work on women's rights, The woman of the future, in 1869, where he strongly criticized the theory of the inferiority of women for biological reasons extended in that Spain of the nineteenth century. In his own words, his mission was to get the woman educated and respected, to have opportunities to perform tasks beyond simply being a mother and taking care of the children.

She was a great fighter, simple and a woman without prejudice, human, sensitive and with a big heart. Do not miss his best quotes that we have compiled here for you.

Famous quotes from Concepción Arenal

All the things are impossible, while them seem.

Crying is sometimes the way of expressing things that cannot be said in words.

An isolated man feels weak, and he is.

Open schools and prisons will be closed.

The more the obstacles are divided, the easier they are to overcome.

Love lives more than it gives than it receives.

He is not so guilty that he does not know a duty like he who accepts it and steps on it.

Sometimes, a wicked man is a loving husband and father, and in the polluted atmosphere of evil, paternal love remains pure, like a flower that grows in a muladar.

Virtues are sisters who hug each other closely; when one falls, they all hesitate; When one gets up, they all take courage.

The man who rises is even greater than the one who has not fallen.

There is a big difference between being impressed with our brothers' ills and grieving. For the former, imagination is enough, and heart is needed for the latter.

The law is the conscience of humanity.

Doing good to those who inspire sympathy is an enjoyment: Virtue consists in favoring those who do not inspire us.

Would the poor be what they are, if we were what we should be?

Protecting work is protecting virtue, it is removing obstacles against which it crashes so many times; Protecting work is rinsing tears, comforting pain, tearing victims away from vice, crime and death.

Virtue purifies the places you visit, far from staining them.

It would be absurd to ask the calculation what the self-denial can give.

Everything that hardens, demoralizes.

Passion for man is a torrent; For the woman, an abyss.

There is a bitter complacency in suffering an injustice, which seems to legitimize hatred.

Bad laws will always find, and contribute to, men worse than them, in charge of enforcing them.

Pain, when it does not become an executioner, is a great teacher.

The forces that are associated for good do not add up, they multiply.

The poor is ruined the moment he stops being sober.

Passion for man is a torrent; For the woman, an abyss.

In many cases we do for vanity or fear, what we would do for duty.

The best tribute that can be paid to good people is to imitate them.

Sometimes we give the name of favor to justice, and we believe in very good faith that we were good and generous when we were only fair.

Democracy, like the aristocracy, like all social institutions, calls slanders to the truths that its enemies say and justice to the flattery of its partials.

Happiness is blind, arrogant enough to see cliffs under the flowers that cover your path.

It would be absurd to ask the calculation what only self-denial can give

Boredom is a disease of understanding that only happens to idlers.

How many centuries does reason need to reach justice that the heart instantly understands.

There is a sure way to reach the whole heart: it is love.

To replace self-love with the love of others is to change an insufferable tyrant for a good friend.

The noise of laughter passes. The strength of the reasoning remains.

He who cannot fight and resist cannot be good.

Charity is a duty; The choice of form, a right.

Society pays dearly for the abandonment in which it leaves its children, like all parents who do not educate their children.

Every great fault is an act of selfishness.

Love is for the child what the sun is for flowers; bread is not enough for him: he needs caresses to be good and strong.

There is no animal so meek that tied does not irritate.

He hates crime and pities the offender.

There is so much justice in charity and so much charity in justice that the hope of the day they get confused does not seem crazy.

Bad means is to attract a man to reason by treating him as if he didn't have one.

The time spent in trying to do good is not wasted.

Error is a weapon that always ends up firing at the one who uses it.

For the spirit, as for the body, what limits action undermines joy.

When we do not understand something, it must be declared absurd or superior to our intelligence, and generally, the first determination is adopted.

All power falls to impulses of the evil that has done. Every fault he has committed becomes, sooner or later, a battering ram that contributes to knock him down.